Wines from the world to the world...


Wenfor S.A. offer bulk and bottled wines from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Spain and Italy. Also we have grape juice concentrate from Argentina, Chile, Spain and Italy.

 Inside the company we have a logistic and custom broker/forwarder department, doing an integral foreign trade service for the exporters, getting better costs and conditions for the business.


 More than 30 years of experience, exporting bulk wines, bottled wines and grape juice concentrated to different countries.

 Actually we are exporting to Russia, USA, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Peru, Colombia, Denmark, Canada, Moldova, Ivory Coast, Togo, France and others. 


The fiscal address it is in Montevideo, Uruguay, but we have our commercial offices in Argentina, Chile and Russia, the main one it is in Mendoza.

  Inside of Argentina, we have offices in Mendoza, San Juan, La Rioja and Buenos Aires.

Argentina Tel: + 54 9 (0) 261 (15) 6407862
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